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Ganpati Advisory Limited (GAL) has sowed the seeds of Attitude Cement to ensure top-notch construction technology grabs the consumers' confidence. Ganpati Advisory Limited has proved that it is "Jack of All Trades It Deals In". Established in the year 1983, GAL is the symbol of a hallmark for success, quality, and determination. With Attitude Cement, it has consolidated its vision document to make remarkable progress in the construction sector. There is no doubt that infrastructure brings the essence of economic development with time. So, GAL has nurtured Attitude Cement to get ready for the future that has a constellation of glittering stars.
Attitude Cement has the right bunch of smart engineers who bring several years of experience to construct a better tomorrow. It wants to eliminate the norms of pathetic-infrastructure-syndrome from the course of humanity. Therefore, it has outlined the strategies and approaches that it will take to become the BEST in the market they exist in. Attitude Cement is a more customer and demand-driven organization that will analyze the demand firstly and then pitches their idea accordingly.

Quality Assurance

Strength & growth comes only through continuous effort.
Quality matters. It is then the product floats the acts of carnage by making the market more competitive and gain the right space. Attitude Cement has made a tryst with the destiny that there won’t be any compromise with the product quality. Thus, Attitude Cement has ensured that products get certifications from the standard and regulatory organizations by complying with the rules and regulations, along with fulfilling the mandatory metrics to deliver a top-notch cement. BIS has approved our labs where there is a consistent quest on the R&D part. Apart from this, the raw materials that enter the plant go through several rounds of testing. The QA team at Attitude Cement has spread the right course of rigorous testing at each stage or phase of production to check the quality of the cement.
The storage and packaging ecosystem in the Attitude Cement plants is highly proficient and do not let deterioration in the quality. The temper-proof PP bags, well-aerated and dry condition, RCC silos, and many other elements in the organization ensure that cement has the classified features for a prolonged period.

A man who builds his own Pedestal had better use strong cement. Anna Quindle

This quote perfectly suits with the people who opt for Attitude Cement. Be it laying down the truss or beam, Attitude Cement is that brand which holds versatile character to build concrete structures.
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