Grinding Mills -

Grinding mills are highly efficient that consist of hi-chrome liners and diaphragms. Due to this, the hi-chrome grinding media ensures a proper mean piece weight in both the chambers of the mills. Thus, the adhesive quality of any cement remains intact. These grinding mills grind the overall cement mix in a close circuit. This grinding is a softer one under monitored surveillance. Therefore, there is no formation of any micro-fine cement particles that can weaken any cement. We, at Attitude Cement, have brought this grinding mill from M/s ALSTOM PROJECTS LTD.

Electronic Weigh Feeders-

Electronic Weigh Feeders are the most crucial elements in terms of cement production. This instrument helps to bring the right proportion of elements in the cement due to sensors and entire electronic setup attached to it to give better data visualisation. Hence, there comes high purity in gypsum that influences the cement quality. Therefore, Attitude Cement’s products are highly sophisticated, superior, and consistent. Schenck Process India Ltd. is the organization that has provided the Electronic Weigh Feeders.

Electronic Roto Packers -

Electronic Roto Packers collaborates with Electronic Weigh Feeders to ensure high precision and accuracy in terms of weight during packaging of the cement. Attitude Cement has procured this industrial equipment from EEL India Ltd.

Dynamic Classifier -

Dynamic Classifiers segregate the coarse particles from ground cement particles. The segregation occurs in such a way that there is the presence of a high percentage of active particles. Therefore, the aggregate active particle size is below 45 microns, a considerable and acceptable as per the industrial convention. Dynamic Classifiers take these coarse materials to the mill for regrinding. Hence, the process of recycling remains in continuation and saves overall operational costs. So, in a nutshell, these classifiers are phenomenal state-of-the-art equipment that acts like a combo to deliver the right particle, along with better geometrical orientation.